nHibernate A detailed overview

Presentation Agenda on nhibernate

By: Shahzad Sarwar
To: Development Team

Part 1: 1st Aug 2009 3:30 PM
What is OR Mapping. 3
What is nHibernate? 3
XML Configuration File 3
Persistent vs transient Objects 4
Nhibernate Basic 4
Code generation 5
1. Avva Open source Solution 5
2. NConstruct Lite 14
CRUDE Operation Sample 20
Nhibernate Analyiser: 20
1. SQL Server Analyiser 20
2. nhIbernate Analyiser 23

Part 2: Later
• Version 2.1 new features
• Performance tuning
• Proxing
• Cache
• Design pattern for NHibernate
• Case Specific provider

Attachment Below
Agenda-For-OR Mapping-Presentation


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