Data Structure for C# Architect

February 28, 2010

Topic: Data Structure for C# Architect.
By Shahzad Sarwar
Dated: 28th Feb 2010

This presentation covers data structure for C# programmers.
 Following Data structure are covered.
 Array
 Array List
 Queue
 Stack
 Hash Table
 List
 LinkedList
 Dictionary
 HashSet
 SynchronizedCollection
 SynchronizedKeyedCollection
 SynchronizedReadOnlyCollection
 SortedDictionary
 Binary tree
 Graph
 Basic data structure like Queue and Stacks are discussed as implementation provided by C#.
 This presentation will not cover advance Data structure like B+ Tree.
 In order to explore, self created data structure, see the following URLs.

Data Strcuture code

Because of wordpress restriction, after downloading ds.doc , rename it to ds.rar and then extract and enjoy code.

Software Bugs Analysis by A Software Architect

February 28, 2010

Software Bugs – A Software Architect point of view
By: Shahzad Sarwar
To: Development Team, Management
Date: 28th Feb 2010

 To Analysis reasons of bugs in PCMS, Pegasus Cargo Management System.
 To study the nature and classification of bugs.
 To suggest a line of action for reducing bugs in application.

 All developers must read the reasons, classification and tips for bugs once a week and try to act accordingly.

 Following a TDD approach to software development can help a lot for developers and software development team in general for solving common problems in testing / bugs management.

 Bug frees software is a myth. There is a trade off between bug free software in first strike and increase in cost of software development. If we try to create software bug free then software development cost is increased considerable.

 Lets calculate DRE,Defect Removal Effectiveness for PCMS.
 So, Happy Bug fixing for PCMS.