Data Structure for C# Architect

Topic: Data Structure for C# Architect.
By Shahzad Sarwar
Dated: 28th Feb 2010

This presentation covers data structure for C# programmers.
 Following Data structure are covered.
 Array
 Array List
 Queue
 Stack
 Hash Table
 List
 LinkedList
 Dictionary
 HashSet
 SynchronizedCollection
 SynchronizedKeyedCollection
 SynchronizedReadOnlyCollection
 SortedDictionary
 Binary tree
 Graph
 Basic data structure like Queue and Stacks are discussed as implementation provided by C#.
 This presentation will not cover advance Data structure like B+ Tree.
 In order to explore, self created data structure, see the following URLs.

Data Strcuture code

Because of wordpress restriction, after downloading ds.doc , rename it to ds.rar and then extract and enjoy code.


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