Replication of PCMS Database

Dated: 19th July 2009
By: Shahzad Sarwar, PSE, Comsoft
To: Related Project Managers/Consultants , Client
Case Study:
To sync data of different branches of office via replication who are running Comsoft application named PCMS.

MS .Net 2.0
MS SQL Server 2005
WAN Connected MS SQL Servers on different branches of office
Business problem:
Client has regional offices or entities that collect and process data that must be sent to a central location. For example:
• Estimation/quotation/job data can be “rolled up” or consolidated from a number of servers at local warehouses/parties into a central server at corporate headquarters.
• Information from autonomous business divisions within a company can be sent to a central server.
In some cases, data is also sent from the central site to remote sites. This data is typically intended to be read-only data at the remote site, such as a set of All the base/administration tables that are only updated at a central site.


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