Software Architecture – C# 4.0 – New Feature – Synchronized Data Structures – Thread Safe Queue

In c# 4.0, Microsoft has introduced a new namespace with name “System.Collections.Concurrent” which provide set of collections having thread safe behavior.

Some of these thread safe collections are as:

ConcurrentDictionary<TKey, TValue>

 Lets take example of example of Queue data structure, Simple queue is explained here

The generic version of queue is explained here.

Before arrival of C# 4.0, thread safety in queue was ensured by using Queue.Synchronized as explained at:

But now we have better implementation of thread safe queue with System.Collections.Concurrent namespace, as explained here:


6 Responses to Software Architecture – C# 4.0 – New Feature – Synchronized Data Structures – Thread Safe Queue

  1. Peter Gfader says:

    These new types rock!

    Did you already use them in a project?


  2. shahzadsb says:

    This namespace is really good addition to .net family.

    Yes, in all the new projects. We heavy insist developers to use them.

    Saw your blog… interesting stuff.


  3. Peter Gfader says:


    What I love about this new Concurrent types is that
    #1 Code is much easier to write without locks in place
    #2 Readability is so much better without locks

  4. Dobeoblilla says:

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