Objection of a blog reader about Islam and my short reply

I am getting heavy traffic on my blog. One of the reader from Amsterdam – NL passed comments as:

Author : Me (IP: , 95-42-82-81.btc-net.bg)
E-mail : xxxxxx@yahoo.com
Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
Why the hell someone wants to write his religion in “CV” ? Muslim ? So what ? So silly ? What if I’m Christian or atheist ? You could kill me ? Hello ? Can’t read your post, I’m repulsed.

Reference: https://softarchitect.wordpress.com/2010/08/14/software-architecture-c-sharp-4-0-new-feature-whywhathow-of-managed-extensibility-framework-mef-sample-calculator-code/

My Short Reply was as:

Thanks for your comments about my blog. Your concerns are very valuable to me. I really appreciate that.

Now coming back to your question. Have you ever seen national id card which is used to identify a person. It has all information like name, age (date of birth), sex, martial status, region and address. Actually all these information are vital to identify a person. In my blog I have put all these information, just to identify me. Answer to question “Who is Shahzad?”

Now coming to second part, “Is Islam really a region of hate or terrorism?” This whole theory is sponsored by certain groups specially media tycoons. TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, are influenced by their investors or owners who have certain agendas and who want to promote certain values and points of view. So this whole thing is Mind Control game which is against Muslim these days.

Read the article below, which explain Islam and its values.
[Read all 5 pages]
Secondly, read book:

Don’t afraid about Islam and Muslims. Get close to them, you will find them niece and friendly.

Have a nice day.


One Response to Objection of a blog reader about Islam and my short reply

  1. shahzadsb says:

    Secondly, read my Mind Control Blog here



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