Software Architecture-Sharepoint 2010 – Exception- Error occurred in deployment step ‘Retract Solution’: Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.

I switched user of development VM that i was using shareppoint development, after that
when i tried to deploy solution i got following error

"Error	1	Error occurred in deployment step 'Retract Solution': Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.		0	0	LinqQueryApp"

As it looks like problem with security so i explored about it on Google and found that the new user don’t have proper rights.
According to MSDN, retraction is defined as below:

Retracting a solution is the process of removing assemblies, files, resources, safe control entries, Features, and other solution components from computers to which they have been deployed.
The following are two critical points to remember about retraction of a farm solution:
•	    A solution cannot be removed from the solution store until after it is retracted.
•	    When a solution is retracted, all files for that solution are retracted, even if another solution points to the same file. This issue can be avoided by ensuring that each solution points to a unique set of files.
•	    It is possible to retract a solution from some web applications while leaving it deployed for others.


Solution to problem is as:
Open Sharepoint Central administration tool, under “Application management” click on “Manage web application” , then click on web application , then in top ribbon control select “User policy” , click “Add new user”, follow the wizard to add user to which i recently switched. That does the trick and now deploy the solution again, error will disappear.

Keep sharepoint exploring….:)


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