Software Architecture-Strategy for Performance tuning a .Net application

Strategy for Performance tuning a .Net application:
There are two parts to work in terms of performance tuning.
First part, is application specific optimization which refer to things required in terms of product under development. It requires deep product knowledge and code level awareness of product.
Second part, is technology specific optimization which refer to things provide by technology as tip to improve the performance.
For second part, following is list of acts to be taken.

1. Allocate a senior resource to act as PIG in SCRUM theory for this task.
2. Analyze the technologies used in application like c#, .Net, ASP .Net, WCF, MVC, IIS. Identify set of checklist which needs attention to be verified in application.
3. First step would be to review code in application. Second step would be to apply the checklist identified in step 2.
4. Bench mark the effect of each change in application (checklist) to analyze the performance.
5. QA team member can really help in it.

Online References for implementing checklist:

C# Performance:



ASP .Net Performance:

WCF Performance:


MVC Performance:


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