Search Rating of on google and bing

Here is some Search rating of my blog on Google and Bing. 


Search Rating


Reported Date: 29th  Aug 2011

Search Keywords Google Ranking MSN/Bing Ranking
software architecture .net 4.0 1st 2nd
software architecture c# 4.0 3rd  1st
software architecture WPF 4.0 10th  2nd
software architecture silverlight 4.0 1st 1st
software architecture ASP .Net 4.0 3rd 1st 
software architecture WCF 4.0 1st 1st
software architecture unity 2.0 1st 1st
software architecture MS studio 2010 1st 1st
software architecture .net presentations 5th  1st 
software architecture interview questions 5th   6th
software architecture SharePoint 2nd 2nd
Software Architecture DTO 2nd  2nd 
software architecture ADFS 5th 
Software Architecture c#  dynamic 1st 1st
c# 4.0  lazy initialization 6th 1st
software architecture   Managed Extensibility Framework 2nd  1st 
c# 4.0  Synchronized Data Structures 1st 1st
c# 4.0  Enum 5th  3rd 
c# 4.0  Memory Mapped File 7th 5th 
c# 4.0  Layout Rounding 9th  2nd 
software architecture office 365 1st  2nd 
Silverlight 4.0 COM interop API 3rd 1st 
Silverlight 4.0  Printing Option 9th  1st



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