Why a Software Engineer should move to USA

With reference to my last post about life of a Software Engineer from South Asia relcoated to USA.
See why a Software Engineer should move to USA…in his own words……..:)

I am still Pakistani and will always proud to be Pakistani. But because of following reasons I want to have Dual Nationality that I want to become Pakistani-cum American.H1B is first step towards a long term mission to get American Green Card.

•USA is Mother Land of Software Industry. Being a Software Professional, want to be part of big change that software is bringing to human kind. All big names like Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and many more are American and they are changing mankind with their vision for software industry. All big Software co-operations like Microsoft, SUN, Oracle and HP are American based. I want to join this movement for change to human kind and want to share my pennies.

•America has always welcomed brain from all over the world. During the hundred years ending in the 1920s, a majority of the world’s immigrants came to one lone country: the United States. Today, the U.S. takes in more immigrants than at any point in its history. Yet, the Left portrays America as a bastion of xenophobia and bigotry. Alexander Hamilton (the first Secretary of the Treasury), John Jacob Astor (America’s first multimillionaire), Alexander Graham Bell (invented the telephone), Louis B. Mayer (Hollywood pioneer), Selman Waksman (cured tuberculosis), and Ralph Baer (invented the video game) are among the immigrants to America whose lives belie the Left’s premise. Just as those who complain about “oppression” in the U.S. would never entertain the idea of living anywhere else, the people around the world we allegedly oppress flock to come here. This contradiction between leftist theory and real-world practice illustrates just how delusional the central tenets of leftist thought really are.

•Democracy being prime sense of government style, promotes “Government of people by people for people”. Being relocated to USA and finally becoming citizen of USA makes me so part of a government which rules the international horizon.

•I love America because of the freedom that we obtain. We can do what we please without being criticized by our decisions. We have the choice of being what we want to be and how we become that person. America gives us the opportunity not to hide from the things that we believe in. I love America for the rights that she gives us, especially the right to make decisions and be ourselves.

•America is called land of opportunities, so I want to be part of this big opportunity to lead in life. America is the sun around which the world economy revolves. The typical creator of wealth in the world is an American. Foreigners benefit from buying better products from American companies and working better jobs manufacturing such products. Take America’s $14.2 trillion dollar economy(As per 2009) out of the picture, and the economic well being of the rest of the world nose-dives.

•I can’t live without movies. The movies the world watches, the television shows they tune into, and the music they listen to are, for the most part, produced in the United States. For instance, the U.S. exports more than 25 times the number of movies and television shows than it consumes from abroad, a fact that causes Ben Wattenberg to observe quite correctly that America is “the most culturally potent nation in the world.”. “My best friend wedding”, “Enemy of state”, “The Beautiful mind”, “The Proposal”…….a very long list.

•America the Beautiful, no other song rings so true than this song. America with its diverse landscape; the hills, the valleys, from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean this land has something for everyone. From the Rockie Mountains in Colorado to the Sonoron Desert in Arizona or Sun Valley in Idaho, from east to west there are areas so different yet pristine like no other place on earth. This vast country of has 388 National Parks.

•I love America most of time. I love the society you build, based on strong institutions, strong law, on freedom and self initiative. I’m a liberal and I believe in the American dream.

•Most importantly I want to know and see in real life, what is the secret of success in USA, being the only economical, military and technology super power. So in simple words I want to study American nation


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