Software Architecture-Increase development productivity

January 31, 2012

Today it is the last day of month and Yes, Yes, again it is more than a month and I am still not able to give time to this blog…….One reason is that I am recently married, so life was really busy in family things……:)

But still I need to be more focus on objectives and target for this blog.
Secondly, I need to make more productive use of time and efforts.
Searched on net and founds following tips for productivity increase.
1. Create Keyboard shortcuts for repetitive tasks. Learn shortcut keys for common windows operations. Use short keys for visual studio 2010 at following location. Not Just completing a office task is important , main things is to get full control over domain of whatever you are doing is very important.
Programming language, business rules and technology skills must be fully understood to make more output for a give time.
1 hrs spend in learning/getting full control things, can save your a lot of time in future.

3. Planning your time is very important for better productivity. Often weak planning , results in chaos and waste valuable time. Divide bigger task into smaller pieces and track each item separately.

4. Make extensive use of Visual studio productivity tools.

For visual studio 2010, locatedhere

5. POC, instead of main product/project.
Any new feature that need to be added to project or product must be implemented as separate project. Because software development is basically a Research and development field, so POC-Proof of concept style of strategy is best suited and makes things more productive in long run.
6. Automate mostly of software development things with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools. Build process automation via TFS. Continuously Integration by wiring Tests with build process improve things. So automate things as much as possible. Use .bat files heavily to automate the tasks.

7. While doing development related to AD, SharePoint and IIS create environments and scenarios via Power shell scripts. That makes things very productive for development.