Software Architecture-Strange-Problem in Visual Studio 2010

February 25, 2012

When was trying to add a new project to solution, I faced following prompt error from Visual studio 2010:
“the length of the full path for the solution, project or item you are created exceeds the maximum path length allowed by the system”
Really surprising to see that because my project location length was only 143 characters long.
My operating system was windows 7 64 bit.

Did a little bit of googling to know that it is by design from Microsoft……… Strange …..:)
There is no work round, path limit is imposed via the operating system API used by VS 2010 so we cannot have a project name path longer .you have to make a smaller project location.

So bad ..bad…if a third party product has any such limitation, then it is understanding …But from Microsoft who also creator of windows-the underline operating system- it is tooo bad….

Let hope it will get fixed in next version of visuals studio…..