Tips for increasing office productivity

March 28, 2012

1. Avoid checking email/Linkedin continuously throughout the day. Check and respond to e-mail at designated times 9:00 1:30 6:00
2. CHANGE YOUR WAYS. Make a habit of getting organized. Spend a few minutes every day to “create order from chaos”. Even 5 minutes will make a difference. 15 minutes could transform your life.

3. Interact: Thinking about design or looking for answers on the Internet. Trying to understand the code and discussing about design with your peer.

4. Be careful of angry monkeys. Explore and explore the theory-Innovate-Not just follow things.

5. DRY (dont repeat yourself) principle.
6. Plan and Prioritize your tasks. Have a running to-do list. Make daily, weekly targets. Divide and sub divide a task to make things productivity.
7. Make your work day afternoon more productive by leaving the office during lunch time. Energize yourself by breathing some fresh air, taking a walk or closing your eyes for a few minutes.
8. Focus and Focus on currently running tasks. One task at a time. Multi tasking kills and reduce productivity.
9. Delegate repetitive tasks to others. Outsource.
10. Read all the above points once a week and try to follow……………………..:)