Software Architecture-Some references to Sharpen skills related .Net

May 29, 2012

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.Net framework:
.Net framework security:
ASP .Net:
Explain the life cycle of an ASP .NET page.?
What is Theme,skin,global theme,EnableTheming,App_themes,Default Skins,Named Skins?
What are profiles – introduced in ASP .Net 2.0?
What is Directory structure of ASP .Net project- App_Code App_Data,App_LocalResources ,App_GlobalResources ,App_Themes ,App_WebReferences ,Bin ?
What is ASP.NET State Management?View state,Control state,Hidden fields,Cookies,Query strings,Application state,Session state,Profile Properties?
Differentiate b/w Client-Based State Management vs Server-Based State Management?
State Management trade off:
Session management:
What is ASP .Net Cache ?
ASP .Net controls types HTML Server controls / Web Server Control:
ASP .Net User control vs Custom Controls:
ASP .Net differentiate b/w httpmodule vs httpHandlers:
Difference b/w debug vs trace
How Authentication in ASP.NET?
What Directives for ASP.NET Web Pages?
difference between Web Farm and Web Garden
Value types VS Reference types C#
Is a C# String a Value Type or a Reference Type?
Lazy initization,lazy loading?
New Features of .Net 4.0
XML Plan.
XML trade off:
How to: Validate Using XSD (LINQ to XML)
What is XPath?
What is XQuery?
No build in support .Net, third party solutions like XQSharp and Saxon.
What is XSLT?

What LINQ to XML?
Comparable in functionality (although not in syntax) to XPath and XQuery.