Interview as PKI developer-48 hrs -So what is the Game plan

July 28, 2012

Suppose that you are invited to a job interview as PKI developer for national level E-Identity management development project with leading PKI development platforms including Microsoft and Entrust,………..Ideal Job…Ideal skills domain…Ideal Client…….Ohhh God even skilled software developer might get depressed…High pressure for technical interview…..48 hrs for preparation…..
So what is the Game plan………
Actually, there are three area which need attention. First, PKI theoretical background, Second, PKI related products in market and their business area. Third, Programming API, framework, web services and namespaces related to PKI tools.
If you have covered these areas…. You are clear and ready to face any interviewer.

Some Relate references that might help……

Some of the questions:
1. Differentiate between CP and CPS documents?
2. Define and identify details about: PKCS, X509, PKIX, ETSI, MS-CAPI, CSP, PKCS#11?
3. What is Validation and Timestamping server?
4. What are major components of PKI and eID solutions?
5. What are major API, Framework and development stacks related to PKI and eID development?
6. What are certificate templates in CA and how can we do management of them?
7. What major classes and namespace related to security and encryption in .Net framework?
8. What major classes and namespace related to security and encryption in Java framework?

PKI development is very demanding and state of art technology Area.
Best of luck for interview ….:)