SharePoint Site Template-Record Center vs Document Center vs Document workspace

August 28, 2014

Record Center vs Document Center
Document Center is like a publishing house. Means that author, review, Edit, approve, manage actives related to document are going on. (Read + Edit operation on documents are going on.)
Record Center is like a Book Library. Means that archiving, classification, record keeping and destruction of documents is going on. (Means Only Read, no Edit operation is going on.)

In real world enterprise, both are needed. First, document management activates are performed in Document center. Later in life cycle of document is sent to Record center for record management activities.

Implementation wise, User submit document to Record center, where based on administrator defined rules for classification and archiving of document is done for Audit and litigation related activities.
Whereas Implementation wise, User from different teams submit document to Document center as collaboration repository for authoring process across different teams.

Ohhhhh, Then Why Document workspace?
Document workspace is for smaller domain in terms of features and no of document being used, as compared to document center.

So suppose that you are writing coding standards as word document for your software house. So you created a document in workspace and started authoring the standards, shared with you team lead. He provided feedback via sharing feature. Once initial version is finalized you published the standard document in Document Center and collaboration started with Project manager, Software Architect, QA Manager, VP Engineering as Review, Edit, approve activities. Once approval from client is done, then Coding standards document is sent to Record Center for book keeping as Company standard for coding. From Record Center anybody can read and implement the same standard across the company.

Evaluating the ServicePoint 365 – CloudAG

August 23, 2014

Evaluating the ServicePoint 365 – A Solution Architect view

CloudAG –
Reviewed trial provided at:

• Excellently analyzed and planned web template for small to medium sized companies.
• Cover wide area of company operations like client, project, sales, staffing and partners.

• Listing like client needs workflow for content moderation. Looks like there is no build in workflow, needs custom development.
• In medium to large size companies, business need might be more complex than simple list of entities like client, project, sales etc.
• Branding might have some better options for look and feel customizations.

The best available basic level co-operate web template for SharePoint (On premises and online) for small and medium size organization’s needs. A good starting point for more complex and advance level co-operate needs.

SharePoint – K2 vs Nintex comparative analysis

August 17, 2014

Recently, I have been extensively using K2 and Nintex for BPM in various projects. Here is a breif comparative analysis.
• Nintex is Web front end for sharepoint-Uses SP workflow engine/server, K2 uses its own. K2 complete workflow server/engine, needs separate server layer.
• Comparatively Nintex is easier to do development and K2 is bit complex.
• Nintex is more suited for power user vs K2 more towards towards developers.
• Nintex is extension over SharePoint vs K2 have more features suited for full BPM solution.
• Nintex is managed via same web interface as SharePoint vs K2 has 3 management interfaces: Designer for Visual studio, Independent Designer- desktop , web based management tools