About SoftArchitect

As Human is weak in memory, so there is need to extend human memory via some artificial way. Like Eric R Kandel in his book “In Search of memory” explains how human memory works and its improvement patterns, so this blog, decide to analyze, categorize, organize and classify, human memories related to Software Architecture. It is like a extended memory where Important things are recorded during professional activities, so that can be access on demand basis.

Secondly as Ray Kurzweil in his book “The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology” forecasts that for human there will be “self-improvement cycles” with each cycle human appearing faster and faster. Human are already going into this transformation of machine. So this blog will serve as tool for improvement in skills in software architecture. This blog will try to maintain a self improving cycle for my software related skills.

Thirdly, It is required to share findings and learning process with rest of the world, so that everybody can learn and provide feedback at the same time.

Lastly, Technology evolves with speed of light, so it is very important for software industry to have better thought process management.

Lets have a path for success in Software Architecture via this blog which can benefit every one in software industry. Have a nice day.

(Update Dated : June, 2019)
Note: Because of very busy routine in my entrepreneurship journey, I am not able to give time to this tech- blog. So I have decided to abandoned this blog, I will not be further writing any further posts in this blog. You can always reach me for Enterprise / Cloud Consulting Strategy via my corporate web site at

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