Related Communities

Associations/Community related to Software Architecture:
IASA is the preeminent knowledge-based association focused on the IT architecture profession through the advancement of best practices and education while delivering programs and services to develop highly qualified IT architects of all levels.
The AOGEA is the definitive professional association for Enterprise Architects.
“Coding the Architecture” is a website and community for hands-on, pragmatic software architects. is propelling the concept of responsible software
The EWITA site serves those who are working in the Enterprise Architecture space. Useful to Information or Data Architects, Application or Software Architects, Technology or Infrastructure Architects and Architecture Program Managers, Product Line Architecture Managers and Reuse Program Managers
The NIH Enterprise Architecture is the design for how information technology (IT) supports the mission and business of all of NIH. The NIH enterprise architecture program consists of the set of processes that create, update, and manage the NIH Enterprise Architecture.
The main aim of the site is to build up an Eclipse Process Framework (EPF)
Process for Agile Enterprise Architecture.
The System Architect User Group is an independent, non-profit making, unbiased forum for discussion, dedicated to the sharing of ideas and information relating to the use of System Architect and provides a direct channel to influence the direction of the development of the product and supporting services offered by IBM.
FEAC™ Institute provides quality, practical, and professional Enterprise Architecture education, training and certification to the Commercia/Private, Civilian Government, and Department of Defense sectors through hands-on projects using all major frameworks and methodologies while remaining tool vendor neutral.
The Netherlands Architecture Forum is a non-profit organisation, working on topics of architecture. Members of NAF are research organisations, universities, (large) user organisations, governmental organisations, education centers and suppliers of services and products. NAF is organising the National Architecture Congress 2003.

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