JavaScript in Modern Application Development

November 30, 2018

•Because Microsoft’s strategy is to reduce SharePoint box code (Server side code) to avoid bad code like memory leakage by developer, that makes SharePoint Server unstable. So client side development in form of SharePoint app or SharePoint Framework, become more important, so JavaScript is critical for SharePoint. JSOM and REST architecture used heavily with JavaScript in SharePoint.

•In Dynamics 365, advance development options are based on JavaScript. Following areas make JS important for Dynamic 365.
Working with the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Web API
JavaScript Form Programming
Client Extensions

•The web developers can also write server-side code in JavaScript by using a cross-platform runtime engine like Node.js. Node.js is designed as a cross-platform and server-side runtime environment. It further executes the JavaScript code efficiently through Google V8 JavaScript engine. The built-in libraries provided by Node.js further allow programmers to run their web applications smoothly without relying on external web servers.

See following directory of JavaScript Framework as: