Evaluating the ServicePoint 365 – CloudAG

August 23, 2014

Evaluating the ServicePoint 365 – A Solution Architect view

CloudAG – http://cloudag.com/
Reviewed trial provided at:

• Excellently analyzed and planned web template for small to medium sized companies.
• Cover wide area of company operations like client, project, sales, staffing and partners.

• Listing like client needs workflow for content moderation. Looks like there is no build in workflow, needs custom development.
• In medium to large size companies, business need might be more complex than simple list of entities like client, project, sales etc.
• Branding might have some better options for look and feel customizations.

The best available basic level co-operate web template for SharePoint (On premises and online) for small and medium size organization’s needs. A good starting point for more complex and advance level co-operate needs.