Sprint Retrospective Meeting – To Improve Processes In Scrum

July 28, 2011

I was Planning to conduct “Sprint Retrospective” for my team – as a good Scrum practice.
So here is what i found on net about it.

What is Sprint Retrospective?
Each Sprint in Scrum has to a meeting – Sprint Retrospective at the end. It is very essential that the Scrum Master never allows the team to skip these meetings. These meetings uplift Inspect and Adapt principles of Scrum and help the product to be better and better after each Sprint.
Team along with Scrum Master asks 2 questions;
>> What went well in last sprint?
>> What could be improved in next sprints?


What are Rules?
• Ensure that everyone can speak freely.
• Sprint retrospective meeting is not the place for advocating ones personal agenda.
• Do not play the blame game.
• Do not allow vague statements.
• Transform identified improvements to concrete action points.