Office 365 – Sway

June 18, 2016

Topic: Office 365 – Sway
Audience: Executive
SCOPE: Brief

Office 365 – Sway

* Most of the presentations are dual purpose – To present and To use a Tutorial.


Office 365 – Connectors

June 18, 2016

Topic: Office 365 – Connectors
Audience: Executive
SCOPE: Brief

Office 365 – Connectors

SharePoint – K2 vs Nintex comparative analysis

August 17, 2014

Recently, I have been extensively using K2 and Nintex for BPM in various projects. Here is a breif comparative analysis.
• Nintex is Web front end for sharepoint-Uses SP workflow engine/server, K2 uses its own. K2 complete workflow server/engine, needs separate server layer.
• Comparatively Nintex is easier to do development and K2 is bit complex.
• Nintex is more suited for power user vs K2 more towards towards developers.
• Nintex is extension over SharePoint vs K2 have more features suited for full BPM solution.
• Nintex is managed via same web interface as SharePoint vs K2 has 3 management interfaces: Designer for Visual studio, Independent Designer- desktop , web based management tools

Why needed a new presentation on topic of “New features of SharePoint 2013”?

June 6, 2014

There are many presentations on new features of SP 2013- they are really good and authentic, but mostly there are not cross referenced. Means they are developed as just only bulleted keyword related to new features. We need related MSDN reference plus references from authentic blogs. So that we have strong foundation of theory.

That why I needed new presentation which is CROSS REFERENCED.

This presentations is underdevelopment, So community contribution is most welcomed.

Follow this link:

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February 24, 2014

Back to blogging, after 1 year of gap. Today, I have cleared Microsoft 70-488 paper(“Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions”). During that period, switched job and changed career direction a lit bit. Thanks for EnY(one of the client of my ex-employer) for giving me option to explore a SharePoint domain. With slow and continuous process, I working completely as SharePoint/Office 365 consultant with focus on Solution Architecture.

Study Guide prepared by me:!194&authkey=!AIORMYRD997XBqk&ithint=file%2c.xlsx

SharePoint related resources:

Exam 70-488 related resources:

First Look of Windows Server 2012 and Visual studio 2012….:)

August 29, 2012

I have started to explore Windows Server 2012 and Visual studio 2012 …..

Here is the First look, after installation of both new arrival.



Interview as PKI developer-48 hrs -So what is the Game plan

July 28, 2012

Suppose that you are invited to a job interview as PKI developer for national level E-Identity management development project with leading PKI development platforms including Microsoft and Entrust,………..Ideal Job…Ideal skills domain…Ideal Client…….Ohhh God even skilled software developer might get depressed…High pressure for technical interview…..48 hrs for preparation…..
So what is the Game plan………
Actually, there are three area which need attention. First, PKI theoretical background, Second, PKI related products in market and their business area. Third, Programming API, framework, web services and namespaces related to PKI tools.
If you have covered these areas…. You are clear and ready to face any interviewer.

Some Relate references that might help……

Some of the questions:
1. Differentiate between CP and CPS documents?
2. Define and identify details about: PKCS, X509, PKIX, ETSI, MS-CAPI, CSP, PKCS#11?
3. What is Validation and Timestamping server?
4. What are major components of PKI and eID solutions?
5. What are major API, Framework and development stacks related to PKI and eID development?
6. What are certificate templates in CA and how can we do management of them?
7. What major classes and namespace related to security and encryption in .Net framework?
8. What major classes and namespace related to security and encryption in Java framework?

PKI development is very demanding and state of art technology Area.
Best of luck for interview ….:)